Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Social Search: the new trend in website promotion

"Social Search: the new trend in website promotion"
Date Published: 2006-10-10 - Time: 12:33:42

For years I have been creating and promoting my personal website, www.mattbates.net . I was really excited when I finally got 100 people to visit my site a day, all based on good search engine optimization, (SEO). I thought that the answer to getting more traffic was simply creating my site to play to the major search engines, like Google, MSN, and Yahoo. Of course this is a great way to get traffic, but lately I have found a whole new way to bring literally 1000s of new visitors to my site. Once you have done the work, and your site is up online, (if you need some help getting there, read my article about how to make your own artistic site, named: How to Make Your Own Website) you are now ready to join a whole new trend, Social Search Optimization. The difference here is that you are joining a community of like thinking people who are internet savvy and want to find your site and hopefully help you promote it! Let's face it, if you search on Google for "Oil Painters" you are going to get the same tired old sites, the Wiki page and some very overseen sites. This is going to happen every day of the year. It is a major hump to overcome if you want to find interesting new sites. What is one to do? Well there is a whole new way of searching the web, it is with sites like Stumble Upon. Stumble Upon is a website that asks people to install a toolbar onto their browsers and to rate sites that they visit. If you like a site and you give it a thumbs up then that site will go to the forefront of the search. This means that when you search for "oil painters" with Stumble Upon, you will get a popular page that has gotten lots of Thumbs ups from actual people! Stumble upon goes a step further, they give you a free blog where you can signal your favorite pages, and photos. For artists this is a manna from heaven because you can add pages from your website and images of your paintings to your blog, where you can share with others. There are hundreds of groups of "Stumblers" where you can share your art and ideas.

Maybe the best part is that you get to take part in the search results by adding quality to their system. Here is my page: http://matteopaints.stumbleupon.com/

I have become hooked, maybe you will too!

P.s. I have tripled the hits on my website since I signed up for this great new way to surf the web!